Meet Mia the Manatee

Meet our mascot, Mia!

Mia the Manatee is our water-loving friend from the shallow Florida waters, sharing manatee facts and inspiration for all land and sea creatures. Explore Mia’s migration adventure as she travels from north to south and learn something new about manatees every day.

Take a look around to learn about our favorite gentle giant and track the best places to spot manatees yourself! Kids, parents, educators and visitors to Florida can join Mia and her friends on Facebook at and Instagram at @ManateeLagoon, for daily facts, photos and fun!

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I hope you're all having a Friday as calm as the waters at Manatee Lagoon.

Now, how should we get the weekend started, friends?

(Photo by Nicole Stusvick)
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Whether this week has been stressful, I'd like to invite you to be mindful and roll with the punches...with our Mindful Moments yoga and classes combining rollology and pilates! (See what I did there?)
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