Manatee Lagoon cleans up Lake Worth Lagoon for manatee season

On Friday, Oct. 18, Manatee Lagoon’s manatee masters took a deep dive into the Lake Worth Lagoon to remove debris from the water. Ahead of Florida manatee season, which kicks off this month, this underwater cleanup prepared the estuary for Manatee Lagoon’s gentle marine friends, while also providing an opportunity to educate the public on proper waste disposal.

The fourth annual underwater cleanup included community partner 4ocean, which was on site with a vessel to assist in the removal of trash from the water.

Divers collected everything from fishing line and discarded cans to boating debris. After the cleanup, manatee masters carefully sorted the debris and documented the results in an official report. This annual event is part of Manatee Lagoon’s larger mission to educate the public about our local marine creatures and inspire communities to preserve and protect their environment for future generations.