Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the information about Manatee Lagoon activities and programs can be found by browsing this website.

Here are some additional answers to questions you might have about our Center.

When are manatees there?

Manatee season is Nov. 15 through March 31.

Manatees can be unpredictable, so whether they are in the surrounding waters or not, you should never miss an opportunity to visit Manatee Lagoon to learn about these wondrous creatures regardless!

If the water temperatures drop (especially when we’ve had several days of cold weather) manatees will probably be found in the warm waters near Manatee Lagoon.  When planning your visit, consider looking at our online Manatee Cam where you can actually see manatees in the water.

Can you accommodate large groups?

Yes, but we do ask for advance notice so that guests are provided with the very best visitor experience. This allows team members to schedule adequate time to conduct tours and to ensure that we have sufficient parking to accommodate buses or extra cars onsite. For more information about scheduling a school or camp group visit, click here. We also offer daily public tours, but if you have a special group of 10 or more people, it is advised that you request a private tour.

Days: Tuesday through Saturdays (no tours on Sundays)

Private tours are available at 10:30 a.m.

• Private tours are offered for groups with 10 or more people (e.g. senior centers, community organizations, clubs).
• Advance registration is required to ensure the availability of Manatee Masters guides. Please visit our website via the Manatee Lagoon Tours page to provide your information, and a representative will contact you to discuss your request.

Public tours are featured at 2 p.m.

• Public tours are offered for individuals or groups with less than 10 people (e.g. families, social clubs) to attend.
• We respectfully request advance registration to accommodate your needs, particularly during manatee season. Click here to register for your tour.

Does Manatee Lagoon have translators or bi-lingual audio guides?

At this time we do not have translators or language services available. We can make arrangements for bilingual tour guides on a case-by-case basis. 

Can I volunteer at Manatee Lagoon?

Manatee Lagoon is exploring how we can work with volunteers as needed. At this time, we do not have a formal program for volunteers, but we plan to in the future. Thank you for your patience.

Is there meeting space to rent at Manatee Lagoon for my event, school group or club?

Yes, there is! Manatee Lagoon offers charming meeting facilities with water views from both levels of the building to convene meetings for business or community groups. Please contact us for additional information.

Can I dock my boat along the waterfront at Manatee Lagoon?

No. The existing docks along Lake Worth Lagoon cannot accommodate private watercraft or other vessels.  They are restricted to facility operations and law enforcement personnel on an as-needed basis.  There are nearby marinas that can accommodate a variety of watercraft.

What should I do if I see an injured or deceased manatee?

Please call the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Wildlife Alert Toll-Free Number at (888) 404-3922.  Please remember to never touch or attempt to feed a manatee.

Is Manatee Lagoon accessible to the physically disabled?

Yes, along with dedicated parking, we have ramp access and all of our exhibits and various amenities are built to ADA standards.

How do I get to Manatee Lagoon?
Please see directions to the facility.
Will Manatee Lagoon be offering summer camp for kids?

Manatee Lagoon serves as a field trip destination for local summer camp programs. To learn more about our camp group visit program and to schedule a field trip, camp coordinators may visit our School and Camp Group Visit page. We are evaluating options for a summer camp program for 2019.

I have an electric vehicle (EV), does Manatee Lagoon provide charging stations?

Manatee Lagoon is delighted to offer charging stations to visitors on a first-come, first-serve, space-available basis. There are two stations located on the north side of the property.

Is there a gift store at Manatee Lagoon?

Yes. The onsite gift store features a wide variety of items.

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