Clean Energy

Manatee Lagoon is a showcase for FPL clean energy innovation

Thanks to solar panels on two solar trees and two expansive solar canopies – not to mention an electric vehicle charging station on site – clean energy technology is on display for Manatee Lagoon visitors to experience firsthand. 

Sit at picnic tables shaded by the solar canopies and enjoy the picturesque views of the Lake Worth Lagoon, while knowing the panels above you are more than merely decorative and eye-catching: they soak up the sunlight and generate emissions-free energy for the local community. The solar structures together have the combined capacity to generate enough solar energy equivalent to powering approximately 26 classrooms for an entire day!

Take a selfie with “Sunny,” a 3D animated junior solar tree, in our interactive exhibit under the two solar trees. Sunny shows you in a fun, augmented reality video how solar is playing a bigger role in how Florida is powered, because of FPL’s solar expansion. 

Charge your electric vehicle for free at the charging station, which is part of the FPL EVolution program. FPL EVolution is driving the electrification of Florida’s transportation.

Clean energy is no longer just images of panels in a textbook – at Manatee Lagoon, solar comes to life as a fun part of your visit.

Beauty shots of the Manatee Lagoon Center in West Palm Beach, Fla. on March 11, 2019.

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Solar selfie with Sunny, the 3D animated junior solar tree.