Palm Beach County Department of Environmental Resources Management presents an educational photographic nature display from the organization’s 2022 wall calendar. The photo display showcases wildlife above water and under and beautiful environmental scenery around Palm Beach County.

The exhibits can be found in the downstairs hallway near the exit at Manatee Lagoon.

Two of the photos, a close-up of a camouflaged seahorse and a curious octopus, were photographed at Blue Heron Bridge Park by FPL’s Education & Outreach Associate Project Manager, Chelsea Bennice, to showcase the biodiversity of the Lake Worth Lagoon. There is also a photo of a bluethroat pikeblenny taken by a former Manatee Lagoon Manatee Master, Rachel Plunkett. Other local artists featured include Judy Townsend, Gael Silverblatt, Ben Hicks, Dr. Mark Cook, Sam Farkas, and Lizzy McNamee.

About the Exhibitor: Palm Beach County’s Department of Environmental Resources Management administers a range of environmental programs designed to protect, preserve and enhance Palm Beach County’s natural resources, both on land and water. Fresh drinking water, unpolluted waterways, a large tree canopy and controlling mosquito populations provide a welcoming outdoor tropical experience to snorkel and dive, to visit sandy beaches, to observe fresh or saltwater fishes, to kayak waterways, and to hike in the woods all while viewing wildlife in their natural habitat. From Lake Okeechobee to the Atlantic Ocean, the department’s programs offer visitors a great experience across the county.

Date: Ongoing
Time: During open hours
Cost: FREE